Welsh High


WHS Library Club

The Welsh High Library Club aims are to promote reading and strengthen library, media, and research skills; foster an appreciation for books and libraries; promote efficient and valuable to the library media program; assist teachers and mentor students; develop and enhance leadership and social skills; and promote librarianship as a career.


2018-19 Officers

President - Kennedy M
Vice President - Lanie L
Secretary - Oriana P
Treasurer - Hailey H
Photographer - Sydney T

2018-19 Members 

Chloe A
Keagan A
Brooklyn B
Daphne B
Calyn D
Azaria D
Brooke D
Darion G
Journey H
*Hailey H
Taylor H
Emma I
Jacie J
Mason J
Justin K
Kate L
Clara L
Karley L
*Lanie L
*Kennedy M
Kaleb M
Mariah M
Jessica M
Lataria P
*Oriana P
J'ani P
Faith R
Maeleen S
*Sydney T
Hailee T
*denotes membership in Library Club and LTLA


Ms. Amy Stanford

Meeting Time:

3rd  Hour in the Library