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LTLA stands for Louisiana Teenage Librarians' Association.  To join LTLA, one must go above and beyond what is required of Library Club members.  In addition to earning at least 10 AR points each quarter, adopting shelves in the library,  and participating in fundraisers, LTLA members are required to write an essay and to take and pass an additional AR test on a Louisiana Teen Readers' Choice book.  To become an officer in Library Club, you must also be a member of LTLA.

2018-19 Officers/Members

President - Kennedy M
VP - Lanie L
Secretary - Oriana P
Treasurer - Hailey H
Photographer - Sydney T


Ms. Amy Stanford

Meeting Time:

3rd  Hour in the Library
Website:  www.ltlaonline.org
LTLA Convention ~ February 17-18, 2019