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Exciting Dress Code Changes

The JDP dress code policy has evolved in very small increments from the original policy over the course of 20 years. With input from students, parents, principals, teachers, and community stakeholders, the school board debated and approved a major update to the dress code on 6-21-18. We are sharing this with you so you have enough time for WHS students to get fixed up for the first day of school on 8-10-18. It is not meant to cause an undue burden on anyone. As a matter of fact, it adds and integrates many of the fashions, outerwear colors, and clothing changes that have been just outside of the old dress code.

The list below is meant to reinforce the JDP dress code policy, point out an update that specifically impacts WHS, or clarify how it will be enforced at WHS. This is not an exhaustive list of changes. It is only meant to cover the high points from the WHS student’s perspective. This will be an addendum to the student handbook. The list below is to be used as a reset for our dress code policy beginning on 8-10-18. It will also be found on our website soon.

The entire dress code policy (K-12) that was approved can be found at:https://www.jeffersondavis.org/apps/news/article/883163

WHS Dress Code Updates and Clarifications

A. “In questions regarding student dress and grooming, the principal or his/her designee of each school shall make the final decision as to what is considered proper or improper dress according to the guidelines provided.” In specific situations where a policy is difficult to err on the side of the student, we will err on the side of the JDP policy.

B. “Administrators shall have the option to choose a uniform polo shirt in one of the school colors per community.” WES, WAR, and WHS has added red (not burgundy, dark orange, maroon, or crimson) as an everyday uniform polo shirt color. The Welsh schools have agreed to allow red polos as an additional uniform shirt color.

C. “…no exposed labels or logos…” Small inconspicuous labels, such as those that come on the chest of most polos, will be allowed on uniform clothing at WHS (See A).

D. “Shorts not more than 3 inches above to 3 inches below the knee…” will be enforced (see A). This length for shorts will be applied to both uniform shorts AND shorts worn on free dress days for male and female students.

E. “At the discretion of the principal, school-approved spirit shirts…are allowed…” Fridays will remain our spirit day. Only the current year’s school-approved spirit shirt or school-approved spirit shirts from previous years will be allowed on Friday spirit days. District/state champion shirts and/or shirts purchased through club/organization fundraisers, for example, will only be allowed on free dress days. Club shirts will still be allowed on club days. School-wide picture days will likely be free dress days. We will also continue utilizing free dress days as rewards and to fund PBIS. ACT t-shirts that our current students have earned are also allowed.

F. Students can continue to decide which socks, shoes, belt, and under shirt they want to wear at WHS as long as they are not disruptive to the school day or inappropriate (see A).

G. “Drawstring pants, cargo pants, carpenter pants, joggers, and sweat pants are also prohibited. Shirts will be tucked in properly.” Joggers and drawstring pants are now specifically prohibited as uniform clothing.

H. “Uniform shirt collar must be visible under a sweatshirt…” or any piece of outwear at WHS. Hoodies or hooded pullovers are still not allowed.

I. “Jackets, sweaters, or vests, if worn, must be a solid color either hunter green, navy blue, khaki, black, grey, or white.” These are the only jacket colors allowed this year. ...”no exposed labels or logos…” Small inconspicuous labels, such as those that come on the chest of most clothing, will be allowed on uniform clothing (See A). Outwear purchased through school fundraisers will be allowed if they are hunter green, navy blue, khaki, black, grey, or white and are not hoodies or hooded pullovers.

J. “Only the wearing of one pair of stud earrings shall be allowed for students.” Male students will be allowed to wear earrings starting this year. More than one stud earring in the ear will be allowed at WHS as long as it is not disruptive (see A). Hoop earrings are still not allowed.

K. “Visible body piercing is prohibited. (Example: nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows, etc.)” This has not changed.

* Book sack policy has not changed that I have heard.

Chris Humble
WHS Principal

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