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Future Business Leaders of America




This year, FBLA members will:

  • Attend District Convention** in January 2020 at McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA
  • Fully participate in all fundraiser activities* OR choose OPT-OUT option (Pay $45 in lieu of fundraising)



  • Open to students that have taken OR are enrolled in a business course
  • $25 Club Dues (this includes State & National FBLA dues)


*Fund raising is an important activity in Welsh High School FBLA.It is how we generate the revenue to pay for busses and subs when going to events and field trips. If you would rather not fund raise, then choose the OPT-OUT option.


The Welsh High FBLA club will pay the entry fee to the District Conference by December 1, 2019 for the event that is held on January 24, 2020. If a member signs up for an event, turns in a permission slip, and commits to go, his or her entry is paid by the club. If the member decides not to go to the event, after the entry fees have been sent to the State FBLA club, that member will be responsible for reimbursing the entry fee to the club.


A member who holds an office in the Welsh High School FBLA club must attend all meetings. FBLA Club meets during 6th hour on club days. Club days are:

Sept. 10         Oct 8              Nov 12           Dec 10           Jan 7              Feb 4          Mar 10 (subject to testing)         Apr 7 (subject to testing)


**District V Conference:  January 24, 2020, McNeese State University, Lake Charles


I am looking for parent volunteers to assist with FBLA this year. The November 1st Concession Stand fundraiser will

require a Parent Volunteer! Please add your contact information to the page that is to be returned.Thank you!

Officer Applications are available from Mrs. Bradford

Link to State FBLA site:

Link to National FBLA site: