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WHS Beta Club w/bannerAward for 1st in Ag

2nd place Onsite ArtOnsite Art entry

Sponsors: Christy Rougeau, Kaleb Bergeaux


Summer 2019: National Beta Convention

                Austin T. - 1st in Agriculture

                Tyreona F. - 2nd in Onsite Art


School Year 2019-20:

                State Convention will be held in Baton Rouge 

                                    Event Date: January 8-10, 2020
                                       Deadline: December 10, 2019
                                       Location: Baton Rouge River Center - Baton Rouge, LA

                Theme: BETA As Far as You Can See

                          Link to National BETA site:

Beta will have a fundraiser during the last 2 weeks of October. We will sell caramel and almond bars from World's Finest Chocolate and we will have a raffle for pallet signs: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Greyhound Pride.

Raffle tickets and candy bars cost $1.00 each. You may also purchase pallet signs for $50 each.