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Cheerleading graphicWelsh High School Cheerleaders are selected via try outs.

Tryout packets for potential cheeleaders are usually available at the high school or middle school on or about  the 1st of March. To try out, a candidate must complete a physical. 

If selected for the cheerleading squad, be prepared to practice after school three days a week during a sports season and four days a week from April to May. Cheerleaders are also required to go to cheer camp.

Cheerleaders are also responsible to collect advertisements for the football programs. While the WHS cheerleaders do not do any formal competitions, they do compete while they are at cheer camp. 


Cheerleading graphicDazzlers

Tryout packets for potential Dazzlers are usually available on or about the 1st of April at the high school and the middle school. All potential Dazzlers must complete a physical to try out.

Dazzler practice is every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday until 5 p.m.

Dazzlers’ fundraisers include Mini Dazzlers, Egg My Yard, and a Raffle.

Dazzlers also attend a cheer camp.