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Jump Start Initiative

What is Jump Start?

  • Jump Start is a program for school districts, colleges, and businesses to collaborate in providing career courses and workplace  experiences to high school students, certifying them for the career fields most likely to lead to high-wage jobs.
  • Jump Start will be an elective path for students pursuing a university- preparatory diploma, and a required path for students pursuing a career diploma.
  • A university diploma will allow a student to enter a four year university upon graduation; A career diploma will allow a student to begin a career with credentials, pursue an advanced career credential, or  enter a two year college upon graduation and then go on to a four year degree if desired.

Begins with 2015-16 Sophomores

Diploma Pathways

University (TOPS)

Students eligible for 4 year  college

  • English - 4 units
  • Math - 4 units
  • Science - 4 units
  • Social Studies - 4 units
  • Foreign Language - 2 units
  • Art - 1 unit
  • Physical Education - 1 1/2 units
  • Health - 1/2 unit
  • Electives - 3 units
  • Dual Enrollment, CLEP,  AP

Career (TOPS Tech)

Students eligible for 2 year college

Then on to 4 year college is desired

  • English - 4 units
  • Math - 4 units
  • Science - 2 units
  • Social Studies - 2 units
  • Physical Education - 1 1/2 units
  • Health - 1/2 unit
  • Jump Start courses - 9
  • Approved credential at least one area
  • Approved credential at least in one area

JDP Jump Start Courses Offered

Business/Family Consumer Science (FACS)

Business Management, Fashion Design, Pro Start, Hospitality, Information Technology, Web Design, Technology Specialist.

Agricultural Science

Agriculture Tech, Carpentry, Electrician, Four Stroke Engine, Pipefitting, STEM (Process Technology), Welder, Welders Helper.

Health Science

Certified Nurse Assistant, Emergency Medical Responder, 2016-17 Patient Care and Management  (Medical coding and billing).

Action Steps for 2015-16 Parents

  • Review information explaining Jump Start (school will send a letter)
  • Attend one of the two Parish Career/College Expos held in February 2016 that  will expose students to the work involved in a career
  • Discuss career options/educational requirements with children


  • Participate in Parish Career Counseling Activities (grades 8,9,10)
  • Visit WEIC, Sowela/Morgan Smith, McNeese State University in Fall 2015
  • Attend Regional Career Fair
  • Participate in Journey to Career class
  • Decide on diploma pathway by the end of sophomore year
  • Take advantage of certifications offered in high school


  • Speak to Journey to Career classes
  • Attend Career/College Expos
  • Sponsor CTE Internships
  • Host field trips


 Please see the Jump Start Brochure below for even more information on this wonderful opportunity for your child!